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InfinityMC | Golden Subscription

Golden Subscription

20.00 AUD

A monthly subscription which allows you to use the following:
- Player particles (/pp)
- Nickname (/nick)
- Colours in chat (Using & codes)
- Item lore (/lore)
- Chat feelings (/hug, /lick, /stab etc.)
- Disguises (/disguise) 
- Fly (/fly)
- 3x mcMMO XP (level up three times as fast!)
- mcMMO skill duration extension
- mcMMO skill cooldown reduction
- Access to daily boosters on /rewards
- Ender Chest and Workbench (/ec, /workbench)
- Px sleep (/phantomx sleep) to stop phantoms spawning
- Afk kick timer bypass
- Repair hand (/cmi repair hand)
- Silk touch spawners