Terms of Service

By purchasing virtual items on this store, you understand and agree that:

  • Your donation will be used to help the server improve and keep the server running. The money won't go into our wallets.
  • No refunds will be given to any type of payment made unless there is an explicit issue with your donation reward(s).
  • Consumable items such as keys are non-refundable once successfully delivered, whether you use them or not.
  • All information that you provide must be legally accurate, do note that any suspected fake information or false payments will be refunded and reported under the fraud act, this will result in your account being banned and potential legal action to be taken.
  • If you are banned from InfinityMC by breaking our rules, any donations, subscriptions or consumables purchased will not be refunded.
  • Any breaches of these rules are at full discretion of the Moderation+ team to enforce appropriate actions, rules are subject to change at any point.
  • Any issues where concerning lag, server issues, rollbacks or any other issues are to be dealt by the Admin team, be sure to make contact.
  • All items on this store are completely virtual and hold no physical value.
  • Any user found attempting to resell products from our store to obtain out-of-game profit will be subject to immediate bans from the store, game and legal cases will be filed in relation to copyright laws.
  • You do not own the rights to sell, or trade these items.
  • You agree for us to hold your private information to fill orders or for legal protection for yourself and the server, we will never sell or redistribute your private information.
  • Store subscription packages will automatically take the package cost out of your listed preferred payment method. Our staff doesn't directly deal with this and cancellation must be through PayPal, contact one of our Admin+ team for assistance. 
  • Afk kick timer bypass is a bypass which excludes your player from being kicked after 15 minutes. This does not include bypassing any time related activities, such as spawners, crops etc - the Admin+ team reserves the rights to change these rules at any point in time.
  • Any abuse or intentional grief provided by a subscriber using a perk will instantly have the perk permanently removed from them, without full or partial refund of the package cost.
  • InfinityMC will not refund approved and active subscriptions where a player changes their mind or wishes to discontinue the subscription.
  • All subscription and time based packages must be continued and completed throughout the time period until completion date.

If you encounter issues with donation rewards (such as incorrect information or failure to receive rewards), please contact an admin and we will help you sort it out.

If you have difficulty finding a staff member in-game to discuss donation issues, visit our Discord server at https://discordapp.com/invite/NEmPEwK and directly message an administrator about the problem.

InfinityMC is not affiliated with Mojang AB in any way.